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We Sevaks, want to bring out Kindness, Creative aspects of people. In order to do this, we searched around and found that there are lot of people and animals who are very kind to others. There is compassion and kindness  present all around, maybe you doubt it. However, we found animals, birds, children, and many people are very kind, compassionate. This can be seen in the videos and images which are shared in internet (WhatsApp, Youtube, Facebook, etc.)

We are putting this information together in this site for the benefit of all. The idea is to bring out the creative, kindness, compassionate aspects in each one of us and see how creative the world is!


Be part of this movement:

These videos made a great change in our lives. We do hope it happens to you too. If you find similar videos, then share it with us, we will compile it for the benefit of more people.

You can also be a kind Sevak Volunteer and work on how to take this message to everyone around the world, register here.


We do not own any of the content shown in this site, unless specified. All the content is received from various people from different places. We have grouped them according to their relevance.


Society for Establishing Vishwa As Kutumba (SEVAK) is a special task force of people who have found contentment in themselves, willing to serve fellow beings to create a happy, healthy and peaceful world, which lives together as one loving caring family. SEVAK was founded by Acharya Vinay Vinekar.


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132/1, SEVAK, RV Road, VV Puram
Bangalore, Karnataka,
India- 560004
Email: compassionatekindheart@gmail.com
Phone: +91 80 41488989

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